hot weather and tescos

So Britain’s rainy streak has finally finished! For a while, at least. And that’s always great – tans get darker, clothes get smaller and brighter, and everyone seems so much more cheerful.

I mean, I walked into the JCR the other day to students singing along to bad 90s pop. Last time that happened was around Christmas time, to the High School Musical soundtrack. We have a collective great music taste. Honest.


This was the other day. I’m still not sure whose glasses they were, or why we decided to have a photo, but this is me and Connor, and I think this is when we all got ice creams (aka the food of the gods).

Given it was our first day of A2, it was actually a really good day! Gorgeous weather, slightly darker tan, and nice cold food.


Enter Tescos. It’s literally a 1 minute walk away from college, so it’s the main shop for us. These water guns were reduced to £1. They sold out by 10am. A lot of people got soaked through in water fights in the JCR and generally around town.

Tesco, being the angels they are, put ice creams on offer as well, so lunch is nearly always ice creams at the moment.

In short, it’s been an amazing day (thank you friends and Tescos), and it’s going to get even better with my friend’s birthday party this weekend!

Elle ❤


diy summer: deco masterpost

Deco masterpost time! Easily the longest masterpost so far, I’ll most definitely be making a part #2 for this. There’s just so many good deco projects out there, I couldn’t cram them all into one blog post! For now though, here is part #1 of the deco DIY masterpost:

  • Ombre Candle Votive
    Lately, I’ve developed a love for candles (mostly to roast mini marshmallows over them), so any way to make my pretty candles look even prettier is a good project in my books!
  • MDP Doily Lamp
    So I just found this tutorial, and I think I’m in love. Definitely going to try and make myself a DIY lamp globe when I re-decorate my room. I can really see it being more of a lamp egg though…
  • Framed Branch Jewellery Holder
    An adorable way to hold my excesses of jewellery that crosses natural, minimal and vintage style? Yes please! Expect to see a post about this DIY project going up pretty quickly!
  • Celestial Wire Orbs
    Combining my love of space and crafts here! This is a priority project for redecorating my new room — maybe hanging a few off bookshelves, and scattered amongst photos?
  • Lace Twinkle Lights
    Liven up your fairy lights! I was planning on having fairy lights up for my 18th, so this tutorial just means they’ll be extra cute! Not that anyone will notice…
  • Hanging Planters
    Another little project which I don’t plan on doing just yet, but want to keep ahold of for when I hit student dorm rooms at Uni.
  • Bed Canopy
    For those of you looking to add more of a fairytale, dreamy vibe to your room, this little project is perfect! I don’t think it’ll work for me just yet, so holding onto this one for when I go to Uni.
  • Kitty Planters
    Recycling, or upcycling, at it’s cutest! At first glance, I’d never have guessed the kitty planters were originally the bottoms of bottles! Just goes to show how much a little creativity can change something!
  • Studded Tree Stump Side Table
    Such a cool idea, but I think I’d leave the studs off? I don’t know, to me it looks a little tacky, but I love the idea of painting a tree stump for a side table.
  • Denim Whale
    Okay, so it’s not strictly a deco project, but it was too cute not to put on any of the lists. Ideal as a gift for someone, or to keep as your own cuddly whale friend!
  • Teacup Candles
    More candles! Aka, time for me to go charity shop hunting to find myself some cute teacups for my candles. Wish me luck!
  • Heart Wind Chime
    Oka, sure, it’s not anywhere near Valentines Day, but this windchime is just too cute to resist! Plus, who doesn’t love a little bit of love in the air?
  • Candy Jar Terranium
    This is too cute! And for those of us who don’t have the perks of a garden, or at least a big garden, it’s an adorable, manageable substitute for now.
  • Dream Catchers
    As a child, I’d always loved dream catchers. They were pretty to look at, and the idea that they kept bad dreams away was reassuring! Now, I think they’d make a beautiful, thoughtful gift to friends and family.

Still a few more posts to come in the DIY masterpost series yet! If you try any out, I’d love to see your results — I plan on sharing mine, disastrous or not. At least you can have a laugh at my expense if the dream catchers look a little less dreamy and a little more nightmarey?

Elle ❤