diy summer: fashion masterpost

I’ve always loved arts and crafts, but haven’t really had much time lately, with exams and all, to dabble in the creative side of life. So, during summer, hopefully things will be a bit more colourful and messy. For each of the bullet points, I’ll write up a full post with pictures when I get round to it. For now though, in case you want a little inspiration to bring out the child at heart, here you go!

  • Crescent Moon T-Shirt
    I’m thinking the design idea on an oversized, boxy black crop top. Should look super cute with a pair of colourful, high-waisted shorts to add a summery kick to the outfit!
  • Book Clutch Bag
    I think this is such a good idea, and reading through the tutorial, it doesn’t look overly complicated. Goodbye English Literature assigned books, hello cute book clutches!
  • Kimono Cape
    I’m a little bit completely in love with the trend of kimonos right now, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. The only issue is how expensive some of them can be, so this DIY project is perfect, and definitely a priority for me. Go check it out!
  • Lace Shorts
    Got a pair of old shorts which look, well, just a tad on the dull side? This is the perfect tutorial for you then! I think I might actually cut up a pair of my old jeans just because this looks adorable!
  • No Sew Crop Top
    A great fashion tutorial for the… less great seamstresses amongst us. Aka me. Perfect addition to any summer wardrobe again though, and you could add your own extra details on, like little flowers around the collar, for the unique factor!
  • Crochet Side Panel Top
    Upcycled tops with a vintage vibe? Yes please! Not too complicated, so not much can go wrong with this tutorial, and I bet you won’t see many other people sporting this unique, retro style top!
  • Vintage Style Head Scarf
    I was so happy finding this, as it’s a pain to find nice hair dos and hair accessories that work with a pixie cut. Thank god though, it’s cute, it’s vintage style and it’s a win for any hair length!
  • Gathered Skirt
    For those of you how are a little better when it comes to the needle and thread, try out this free skirt tutorial and play about with length and fabric to get some unique, in fashion gathered skirts? Who said looking good needs to be expensive?
  • Ombre Shirt
    For those old shirts we all have lying around in our wardrobe, try this tutorial to give them some extra life and style! I’m definitely going to try this one, and if the first attempt works well? Expect a rainbow of ombre shirts!
  • Shirt to Cut Out Dress
    I’ve seen this dress style everywhere lately, and it’s so new and cute, and just perfect for summer! This DIY dress is definitely on my priority list to have a go at, and it looks so simple too!
  • Decorated SunglassesSo I have a thing for sunglasses, the sillier and bolder the better! I’m definitely going to be overusing and abusing this tutorial, so expect plenty of sunglasses to come out of this DIY project!
  • Chain Harness
    So I debated whether this counted as jewellery or fashion, and in the end decided to put a different chain harness tutorial in each! A little naughtier than some of the other DIYs, I think this would look gorgeous on top of a simple, slim fitting dress on a night out.

Originally, I was just going to make one overall masterpost, but there were s000o many DIY and craft projects that I fell in love with, I just had to split it into categories so it wasn’t too long. So, expect a jewellery, deco, recipes and beauty masterpost (and maybe more!) over the next few weeks too!

Aaaaand, for the projects that go well, I’ll upload a post explaining them with my own personal little tips and tricks, so keep watching this spot!

Elle ❤