diy summer: deco masterpost

Deco masterpost time! Easily the longest masterpost so far, I’ll most definitely be making a part #2 for this. There’s just so many good deco projects out there, I couldn’t cram them all into one blog post! For now though, here is part #1 of the deco DIY masterpost:

  • Ombre Candle Votive
    Lately, I’ve developed a love for candles (mostly to roast mini marshmallows over them), so any way to make my pretty candles look even prettier is a good project in my books!
  • MDP Doily Lamp
    So I just found this tutorial, and I think I’m in love. Definitely going to try and make myself a DIY lamp globe when I re-decorate my room. I can really see it being more of a lamp egg though…
  • Framed Branch Jewellery Holder
    An adorable way to hold my excesses of jewellery that crosses natural, minimal and vintage style? Yes please! Expect to see a post about this DIY project going up pretty quickly!
  • Celestial Wire Orbs
    Combining my love of space and crafts here! This is a priority project for redecorating my new room — maybe hanging a few off bookshelves, and scattered amongst photos?
  • Lace Twinkle Lights
    Liven up your fairy lights! I was planning on having fairy lights up for my 18th, so this tutorial just means they’ll be extra cute! Not that anyone will notice…
  • Hanging Planters
    Another little project which I don’t plan on doing just yet, but want to keep ahold of for when I hit student dorm rooms at Uni.
  • Bed Canopy
    For those of you looking to add more of a fairytale, dreamy vibe to your room, this little project is perfect! I don’t think it’ll work for me just yet, so holding onto this one for when I go to Uni.
  • Kitty Planters
    Recycling, or upcycling, at it’s cutest! At first glance, I’d never have guessed the kitty planters were originally the bottoms of bottles! Just goes to show how much a little creativity can change something!
  • Studded Tree Stump Side Table
    Such a cool idea, but I think I’d leave the studs off? I don’t know, to me it looks a little tacky, but I love the idea of painting a tree stump for a side table.
  • Denim Whale
    Okay, so it’s not strictly a deco project, but it was too cute not to put on any of the lists. Ideal as a gift for someone, or to keep as your own cuddly whale friend!
  • Teacup Candles
    More candles! Aka, time for me to go charity shop hunting to find myself some cute teacups for my candles. Wish me luck!
  • Heart Wind Chime
    Oka, sure, it’s not anywhere near Valentines Day, but this windchime is just too cute to resist! Plus, who doesn’t love a little bit of love in the air?
  • Candy Jar Terranium
    This is too cute! And for those of us who don’t have the perks of a garden, or at least a big garden, it’s an adorable, manageable substitute for now.
  • Dream Catchers
    As a child, I’d always loved dream catchers. They were pretty to look at, and the idea that they kept bad dreams away was reassuring! Now, I think they’d make a beautiful, thoughtful gift to friends and family.

Still a few more posts to come in the DIY masterpost series yet! If you try any out, I’d love to see your results — I plan on sharing mine, disastrous or not. At least you can have a laugh at my expense if the dream catchers look a little less dreamy and a little more nightmarey?

Elle ❤


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