prints and platforms

prints and platforms

So lately, I’ve fallen head over heels – or platforms – in love with prints and platforms. Prints are just super cute and summery, and can be dressed down with a cardigan and flats, or up with heels and understated jewellery.

Platforms are godsent for me, one of the few females who can’t walk in heels. The chunky heel offers a stability you can never find in stilettos, and they work with pretty much any outfit.

Top (left to right):

  • Blue Aztec Kimono – New Look – £19.99 [x]
    Blue Aztec Shorts – New Look – £14.99 [x]
  • JuJu Black Heeled Jelly Sandals – Schuh – £25 [x]
  • Daisy Print Crop Top – missguided – £14.99 [x]
    Daisy Print Shorts – misguided – £14.99 [x]

Bottom (left to right):

  • Black Platform Sandals – River Island – £60 [x]
  • Floral Print Mini Dress – Traffic People – £33 (on sale!) [x]
  • Floral Print Platform Sandals – ASOS – £45 [x]

Which of these do you love the most then? I’m definitely going to grab some of the JuJu heeled jellies! Comfortable, adorable, with a nostalgic throwback to childhood? Yes please!

Elle ❤


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