ramblings of a self-conscious student: bikinis

ramblings of a self-conscious student

I’m the kind of girl who sang praises when the high-waisted bikini first hit catwalks and beaches alike.

Maybe, for the first time in my life, I could go into a shop and not cower in fear from the swimsuit section. As fun as it might be for some, the idea of wearing so little is quite scary for those of us less body confident. I’m not saying don’t rock a bikini if you can, but it’d be nice if designers moved away from the standard 25,000 skimpy triangle sets and two frumpy, clumsy swimsuits.

Seeing the high-waisted bikini trend had me excited. Sure, it still had the dreaded b word in the name, but it wasn’t half a revealing as its ancestors. Maybe, for the first time, I could finally wear a bikini.

Apparently not.

The swimsuit section remains as terrifying as ever.

Maybe one day, though.

Elle ❤


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